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TerraCycle is a company that provides recycling programmes for certain packaging types that cannot typically be included in kerb-side recycling collections.  Sponsored by big brands and manufacturers, the scheme diverts valuable, hard to recycle materials that would otherwise end up in landfill and provides financial support to good causes.

PLEASE NOTE: TERRACYCLE does not operate like a typical recycling scheme. The brands involved are only sponsoring the collection of very specific product types. Even if packaging appears to be made of the same material as something we are collecting, if it is not on the product list unfortunately it can't go in the box. All donations are sorted by hand and contamination by products not on the list puts the future of the scheme at risk.


Everyone involved in our local Terracycle collection is a volunteer - shout out to local coordinator Ella Mclellan - and all proceeds go to the participating charities. We’d be grateful if you could read and follow the below advice carefully before donating and if in doubt, please leave it out. 

WE CAN NO LONGER ACCEPT PET FOOD POUCHES, BLISTER PACKS OR BABY FOOD POUCHES OF ANY KIND. Really sorry about that, it is not our decision; they are no longer collected locally. 

We are collecting

  • Crisp packets: empty, unfolded and clean - please do not knot or fold. Includes all types of fried/baked snack e.g. pretzels, popcorn, Twiglets and peanuts. Includes outer multi pack bag as well as individual bags. Does not include dried fruit or seeds 

  • Pringles tubes: clean and empty, with or without lid. It has to be the Pringles brand - no other type of tube. 

  • Pens: includes biros, markers, Tipex, propelled pencils. Please no wooden pencils, craft knives or other stationery 

  • Oral care: any brand of toothpaste tube, plastic toothbrushes and electric toothbrush heads. Please no bamboo/wooden toothbrushes, rechargeable toothbrush handles or floss. We are not collecting any other type of tube or personal care product

  • Cheese packaging: any brand of pouch or plastic wrapper, including individual packs and the net bags (for cheese only). Please no wax wrap, spread tubs, film or foil

  • Confectionary: we can take individual wrappers, multi packs and share pouches of sweets and chocolates

  • Biscuit wrappers: outer wrappers (please no boxes or inner trays) for all types of sweet and savoury biscuit and cereal bar


We cannot accept any other type of packaging, even if it looks like the same material as those mentioned above. These schemes are sponsored by specific brands for their product category only. If in doubt, please leave it out.


In particular:


We cannot collect Tetrapack cartons. Tetrapack does not have any recycling facilities in the Hastings & Rother area therefore packs must be put into general waste rather than kirb side recycling, to avoid contaminating otherwise recyclable materials. There are Tetrapack collection points in Lewes, Ashford and Shepway. Information can be found here:


Please no vegetable, pasta and rice packaging - these are not accepted in our Terracyle scheme. 


No bread bags - some supermarkets accept these in their bag recycling programmes. We can't do anything with them unless they are being used to contain your Terracycle collection.

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